A Few Words About Us

Keith Jones

Link Me 2 Export (part of Link Me Ltd) has 20 years’ experience in the International arena which is invaluable in understanding International Business needs and practices.

Keith W. Jones founder of the Link Me Group of companies has vast experience in International Business. With over 20 years’ experience behind him, heading up subsidiaries of multimillion dollar companies in Europe, Asia and directed Global Distribution Management Teams.

From how to set up an export business, setting up formal contracts and what needs to be done when one rationalises or optimises channel networks, he really understands what it takes for you to be successful in International Business.

LM2EX has an extensive database which will assist you in finding the right partner for your needs and also a Global resource team that is invaluable in making sure that the selected partner for you ‘ticks all the boxes’.
We recently helped a Life Science company in Bangladesh connect with a leading French diagnostics company and is now their exclusive representative in the country.

LM2EX is also able to provide other services such as 1day or half day courses that are tailored and aimed to optimise your export needs. Over the last year the company has established itself as an export training provider for various Chambers of Commerce and other training organisations throughout the UK

 ‘20 years experience to share’