LM2EX Hints and Tips (4) – Preparing for an International Exhibition

International trade is growing day by day and there have never been so many opportunities available to businesses looking for new markets.

An important part of your export strategy should be to expose your product or service to as many interested parties as possible, and the most important  is of course your prospective customer.

Another important aspect of your strategy is to learn more about the competition in the market where you want to enter.



A great vehicle for doing both of these is by participating at an exhibition or congress, and below I have listed some important hints and tips that will help you be best prepared for participation.


  • Book your stand well in advance.

  • Read the contract and manual thoroughly.

  • Get your flights, hotels and visas arranged as early as possible.

  • Start having prep meetings to make sure you’re on track.

  • Have your booth well lit.

  • Make sure you have trained staff working on the booth

  • Take a video and digital camera with you.

  • Develop a ‘meeting book’ to know who you will be meeting.

  • Make sure the exhibits are shipped out to allow good time for clearance and release procedures to take place.

  • Get to the exhibition in good time every day.

  • Identify ‘quiet areas’ as an alternative to the booth for customer meetings.

  • Dispose of as much MARCOM as possible at close.

  • Make sure that your return boxes/items are marked and that item number is reflected on the packing list.

  • Make sure you follow up on your contacts.

Written by

Keith W. Jones founder of the Link Me Group of companies has vast experience in International Business. With over 20 years experience behind him, heading up subsidiaries of multimillion dollar companies in Europe, Asia and directed Global Distribution Management Teams.