LM2EX Hints and Tips (5) – Choosing the right exhibition

Making sure you show your products or services should be an integral part of your export strategy and just as important is the choice of exhibition. Attending the wrong show will obviously be a waste of time and money and so below are considerations that hopefully will help you towards deciding why, where, what, when and how you should exhibit.





How expensive will it be?

It will be of course the first question from management.

Will it fit within your marketing budget?

Decide on your priorities and then commit.

What about the location, Where should you chose?

Is it a National, Regional or a Global event overseas?

Does it fit with your overall export strategy?

Which customers are you going to target?

What about the time and when is it held?

Does it clash with your other export activities?

Is it held at a particular time of year where it might conflict with other plans?

Is it held at a poor geographical location – Are there possible logistical challenges?

How much publicity does it get?

Is it advertised extensively?

What about trade magazines and national publications?

How about the booth size – large or small?

Depends on what you’re trying to exhibit – candles to cars

What impact do you want to make?

Depends of course on the size of your company.

What of last year’s attendance – How popular was it?

Get it from the organisers

There is usually publicised material giving such info.

What attendance profile does it have?

What profile of customer will be attending the show?

Do buyers and decision makers attend?

Is the competition present?

Is it visited by distributors and agents, as well as customers?

What about special events, are there any linked to it?

Are there any associated educational events?

What about visiting similar exhibitions before hand?

Gives a good idea of size and feel of the exhibition.

Gives first hand knowledge of participants and attendees.

Provides the opportunity to meet with organisers.

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Keith W. Jones founder of the Link Me Group of companies has vast experience in International Business. With over 20 years experience behind him, heading up subsidiaries of multimillion dollar companies in Europe, Asia and directed Global Distribution Management Teams.