It’s vital that you have an understanding of the strength and weakness of a channel partner.

You might have acquired a number of distribution partners selling similar products into the same market space. You will therefore require an assessment process in order to rationalise or optimise your channel to market.

You may wish to undertake a periodic assessment of a channel partner’s capabilities in order to ensure you have an optimised route to market.

You may have inherited a new channel through acquisition where it serves a totally different market sector and therefore will be in need of an assessment and evaluation.

LM2EX can provide you with an easy to use step by step process that will assist you with such an assessment. It will go through all the various areas of your partner’s business such as its sales and marketing capabilities, post sales support, financial strength and the corporate/operational side of its business.

With over 20yrs experience gained in distributor management incorporated into the ICAT Link software, you will be guided you through a range of questions that are weighted relevant to their business importance and then derives a visual score for each part of the business that contributes to a final assessment summary.

This distributor assessment tool is now  launched  and  we feel that ICAT Link will prove extremely useful  in ultimately improving your international business performance and presence. You now  also have access to SAPS Link which will is an invaluable due-diligence tool to assess prospective channel partners (Distributor or Agents) and whether they fit your plans for distribution.