The Export Clinic

Is your export performance in need of a HEALTH CHECK?

LM2EX can help you optimise your activities through the use of our EXPORT CLINIC.

International Trade is not a sprint but a marathon and you’ll experience many twists, turns, ups and downs during your export journey. What we’d like to do is help you be in tip top condition in order to overcome the challenges and be on the right track to reach your goals.


So how can our Export Clinic help you?

With over 25yrs export experience we’re able to review your export operation and advise how to optimise it further. One of our team will visit you to discuss your business, where it is today and where you want it to be.

If we feel we can be of value to you we’ll then proceed to review your current business from the administration aspect to a comprehensive sales and marketing review.

The following areas will be focussed upon:


  • Customer service.
  • Export quotations and order process including documentation.
  • Logistics.
  • Finance.

Sales and Marketing

  • Review of your export strategy.
  • Export pricing.
  • Route to market assessment – is it optimised?
  • Your relationship with your distributor or/and agent
    • Are they motivated?
    • How are they managed and motivated?
    • Monitoring their performance.
    • Do you have a formal contract and why it’s so important to have one.
    • Will you need to terminate a distributor and if so how should you proceed without excessive costs.
  • Ethical compliance – are you covered?


At the end of the review we will provide a report on how healthy your export business is and how it could be further optimised.

If you are interested in having an Export Health Check, please contact us at or phone +44 (0) 1565640960 and we’d be pleased to help.