We can Profile and Select the right partner for you

This applies to Principals or Agents/Distributors looking for partnerships.

Our extensive global resources and experience allows us to have all the necessary factors to carry out a quality channel partner search and identify the right one for you. Each partner selection project that we carry out for companies is divided into two phases.

Project Phase 1 – Short Listing

After thorough discussion with you (at your facilities) about your company, its products, the market into which you sell and your competition, we will use our teams and resources world-wide to identify a list of companies that work in your particular market segment. The size of this list (can be between 100 and 200 companies) depends of course on the size of the country and how specialised your market will be. We will then shortlist companies that we feel are closest to your profile and then will provide you with the relevant company summary such as information on size, products, contact details and the ‘go to person’ within the company. This phase will take between 3 and 5 weeks.

Depending on your experience and available resources you may want to move forwards yourself to qualify and contact each company individually prior to final selection. If not, then of course we can carry out phase 2 for you.

Project Phase 2 – Qualifying and Selection

Following your review of the shortlisted companies we will contact them and go through an extensive process to further identify which is the most suitable partner for you. Of course we will provide the potential partner with the fullest information on your company so that they also can decide if the partnership fits their business and forward strategy. If required by you we can also visit the prospective 3rd parties to ensure that information provided is accurate.

We will then provide you with a detailed report on each company so that you can decide which one you feel fits your needs going forward. Following this we will organise the first appointment between both parties. Phase 2 will normally take a further 2-3 weeks depending on the availability of the 3rd parties.

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LM2EX Partner Profiling

LM2EX Partner Profiling