I have known Keith Jones for many years and have always valued and respected his management skills and professional approach to International Business.

Whilst setting up my own company and establishing a presence in the market place in Austria, he was extremely helpful  and supportive in making sure that my company had all the tools necessary to be successful in selling the products of the company which he represented.

Our business grew significantly with his help and we stand today as a premier supplier of Anatomical Pathology products in our country.

His understanding of how a distributor works and how it depends on mutual trust and commitment comes from many years in the export business and of supporting channel partners such as ourselves.

He has helped us become even more successful in growing our business by selecting us to distribute for other companies under his management control and this selection skill could only come from the vast experience he has.

We know that LM2EX will be successful due to his professionalism and drive, and hopefully we may be able to work with him once again in the future.

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Oliver Klenner
Managing Director
Medizintechnik Vertriebs GmbH

Oliver Klenner