If anyone has exporting aspirations then we would certainly recommend that you contact Mr. Keith W Jones at LM2Ex. His International experience of over 20yrs, we are certain, would be of value to Small /Medium Enterprises as he is one of few professionals who are capable of thinking globally and acting locally that I have ever met so far in my 26 years’ international trade business life.

He really understands what is involved in building relationships with Distributors or Agents and always carried out his business in the most professional manner with always successful results. He certainly was working in highly digitalized business environment, but always reminded that it should be based on analog relationship which simply cannot be evaluated by an instant Profit & Loss equation.

We found him demanding but also fare which we respected very much. In the time we were associated with Mr Keith Jones we grew our business substantially, until today we are recognized as a leading supplier to the pathology laboratories in Korea.

We certainly believe that LM2Ex will make you successful just as we have become today.

Develop your business further with this pleasant and respectful and professional gentleman!

Visit website: www.seongkohn.co.kr

MY Yoon
SeongKohn Traders’ Corp.

MY Yoon

Company OPTEC as integrator of hi-tech solutions in the field of Bio-Med collaborated with Mr. Keith Jones, as regional representative for Russia and CIS since 2008.

We started to develop new strategy for emergent market of Russia together with Keith and his team. With clear and effective communications always, proactive managerial position of Keith as team leader allowed us to benefit from our  invested efforts in a very short time. We started business from the scratch and  now we are proud to have become multimillion partner of a global leader in our market segment.

Visit website: www.optecgroup.com

Maksym Igelnyk
General Manager in Russian Fedaration and CIS

Maksym Igelnyk

I have known Keith Jones for many years and have always valued and respected his management skills and professional approach to International Business.

Whilst setting up my own company and establishing a presence in the market place in Austria, he was extremely helpful  and supportive in making sure that my company had all the tools necessary to be successful in selling the products of the company which he represented.

Our business grew significantly with his help and we stand today as a premier supplier of Anatomical Pathology products in our country.

His understanding of how a distributor works and how it depends on mutual trust and commitment comes from many years in the export business and of supporting channel partners such as ourselves.

He has helped us become even more successful in growing our business by selecting us to distribute for other companies under his management control and this selection skill could only come from the vast experience he has.

We know that LM2EX will be successful due to his professionalism and drive, and hopefully we may be able to work with him once again in the future.

Visit website: www.histocom.info

Oliver Klenner
Managing Director
Medizintechnik Vertriebs GmbH

Oliver Klenner

Keith W. Jones is known to me personally for over two decades.

My initial contact with him was in the early 90’s when he was working with a company as a Regional Sales Manager looking after several countries including Pakistan.

He remained approachable, friendly and responsive to the needs of the distributors he handled through which he managed to be an essential link between the company and its distributors. In dealing with the nature of business he was assigned to, it required perseverance, consistency, and skills with the determination to meet a wide cross section of individuals in the field of Science & Technology with pointed and searching questions to be answered. These qualities in him did play an important role while carrying out his responsibilities successfully.

Coming from a developed country and helping us in a developing country with severe financial constraints, meeting the targets set was only possible due to his understanding of local needs and building up of relationships that made individuals help him secure business. This was true for both his distributors as well as the clients he met.

I am confident that he will succeed in whatever he does knowing his nature and capabilities.

Visit website: www.technologylinks.com.pk

Kalim Farooqui
Managing Director
Technology Links, Pakistan

Kalim Farooqui