World Concierge

Today’s busy executive understands the value of time and needs access to information very quickly. Our ‘WORLD CONCIERGE’ function provides access to valuable information that will aid you on your travels.

Many a time one arrives at a destination airport with limited information on the distance from the airport to the city centre, the different modes of transport available, the time it takes to get to the centre and the cost. WORLD CONCIERGE gives you that information including other useful facts to the business person such as the COUNTRY POPULATION, GDP per capita, tips on BUSINESS ETIQUETTE, what sort of ELECTRICAL PLUGS you’ll need, what’s the WEATHER going to be like over the next 6 days and also info on NATIONAL HOLIDAYS so that you can avoid them when arranging your next trip. You can also print the page in a print friendly format so that you can take a hard copy with you on your travels.

Select a location icon from the map above for your essential travel information. (magnify  and drag the hand as required to find your desired city).


Use the destination table to tab down to your country of interest. Click on the country and you will then be shown a list of significant cities which you can click to get more detailed info on.

Our ‘World Concierge’ database is constantly being updated and added to, so keep checking for new information. If however you’d like a more customised approach, we can help you here as well. Just let us know what country capital or significant city you intend to visit and we’ll gladly email you information from the following selection.

  1. Distance from airport to city, modes of transport available, journey time and cost.
  2. Airport services such as Wifi, ATM’s and Medical Facilities.
  3. Suggested tipping protocol.
  4. Emergency Embassy/Consulate phone numbers for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, UK and US nationals.

Just send us an email with your request and we’ll do the rest